Industrial Engineering: Global Logistics Management

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Global Logistics Management focuses on the evolution of logistics in the last two decades, and highlights recent developments from a worldwide perspective. The book details a wide range of application-oriented studies, from metropolitan bus routing problems to relief logistics, and introduces the state of the art on some classical applications. The book addresses typical logistic problems, most specifically the vehicle routing problem (VRP), followed by a series of analyses and discussions on various logistics problems plaguing airline and marine systems.
The text addresses problems encountered in continuous space, and discusses the issue of consolidation, scheduling, and replenishment decisions together with routing. It proposes a methodology that supports decision making at a tactical and operational level associated with daily inventory management, and also examines the three-echelon logistic network.
This material provides numerous examples and additional topics that include:
  • An analysis for the airline industry and a novel approach for airline logistics including fare pricing and seat inventory control
  • The berth-crane allocation problem in container terminals
  • A marine system logistics application
  • Ice navigation problems and factors that affect ice navigation
  • Pharmaceutical warehouse route design problems
  • An application in healthcare logistics in which medical suppliers are evaluated through a fuzzy linguistic representation model
  • A real data-driven simulation model that outputs a new shuttle system
  • A model that integrates routing and batching problems
  • Joint replenishment and transportation problems

Global Logistics Management clearly illustrates logistic problems encountered in many different application areas, and provides you with the latest advances in classical applications.
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