Global Sourcing Logistics: How to Manage Risk and Gain Competitive Advantage

"More than ever, global sourcing is an economic necessity for companies large and small, and in every industry. But with advantages in price and terms come new risks that businesses must approach effectively lest their supply chain -- and ultimately the whole enterprise -- be undermined.
Global Sourcing Logistics offers businesses a blueprint for creating standard operating procedures for managing the risks of their inbound supply chains. Filled with hands-on solutions to the challenges of global commerce, the book covers:
* reasons to (or not to) source globally
* measuring the risks versus those of other sourcing alternatives
* how to reduce landed costs
* compliance management and new Customs and Homeland Security issues
* insurance, liability, and loss control
* and much more
A must-have resource for all sourcing, supply chain, risk management. and import/export professionals, the book features tools for creating a comprehensive program to ensure competitive advantage while avoiding the pitfalls that can undermine even powerful businesses and seasoned supply chain veterans."

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